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About Hair Widget

Hairfinder's "Hair Widget" is an applet that you can add to your website to offer your visitors a chance to review different hairstyle options and enable them to make more informed decisions on what styles may be suitable based on their hair criteria. You can even use it with clients in your salon setting to aid in consultations.

To add the widget to your site, simply choose the theme you like best or which best fits your site's current look. (Choose from squared or rounded corners and translucent-white or designer-black background.) You can see a preview of how the widget will look by clicking the theme selections.

Copy the code displayed beneath the "Add Widget to Your Site" heading. This code can be pasted into the html of your site to embed the widget.

You're all set and ready to give your visitor's access to over 5,000 styles from Hairfinder's collections of hairstyle photos, featuring images from the looks created by many of the world's top salons, as well as the popular looks by many of today's hottest celebrities.